Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The beautiful village Pallana is at the shore of Arabian Sea and it’s also rounded by the river named”River pallana”. Pallana is a nearby village of NH47 (National Highway 47).Pallana is rich and pride in its tradition, nature and heritage. Cool mornings waking up here in pallana at the bank of the beautiful river pallana .And After all the pleasure and joy, Days ends here at the warm lap of Arabian Sea.
The special remark of pallana is, here is the eternal resting place of great poet Mahakavi Kumaranasan the true representative of cultural renaissance in Kerala who is introduced the new form of poetry called’Khandakavia’ to Malayalam. It is now preserved as 'Asan Smarakom' (Memorial Tomp) by state cultural Department(Kerela Govt). And there is the school near the tromp it is named Kumaramasan Memorial School(U.P.School).There is a Library and it is also in the memory of the great poet, It houses the books of his poetries. The Asan memorial trust frequently organize'Kaviyarngu' (The meet of poets and literal persons in Malayalam )and also conduct the speeches of famous Malayalam poets.In the name of Ashan there is also a High school named M.K.A.M.H.S Pallana it established in the year 1976.